Orders Over $150 Ship For Free Within The USA


Phone number

Our phone number is 802-533-7133


Please use the contact form on the other page.  We are trying to maximize the time, quality and attention we are able to give our customers in the shop and the orders people place.  In order to provide a higher quality of service and get more done in a day we have greatly reduced our efforts put into talking on the phone.  Email is just faster, easier, and more efficient.

Read this before calling our phone number:

  •  Free shipping on orders over $150 does not apply to orders placed over the phone
  •  Shipping and handling costs run $10-$20 more for phone orders than orders placed online
  •  Our staff that answers the 'contact form' submissions and emails is much more able to help with any parts needs or problems you may have
  •  The person you end up talking to WILL be busy, overworked, and grumpy and does not want to talk to you
  •  Remember, if you call on the phone you will be talking to somebody who did not want to answer the phone in the first place
  •  Again, you will be provided with a much higher quality of service if you use the contact form, or email