Orders Over $150 Ship For Free Within The USA


Page before the phone number

Read this before calling our phone number:

  •  If you are from our local area, and are calling with a normal question (i.e. When are you open? Do you have this part I need?  Is the saw I left off for repair done? etc.), please don't hesitate to call.  We are absolutely happy to help you.  Answering these calls and helping you is what the phone number is actually for.


For out of state mail order people...:

  • I do not take new orders over the phone.  I do not have the information available to me to help you with a question about a past order.  Use the web contact form. 
  • Unless you are an established, repeat customer we are not able to take a parts order over the phone.  At all.  Email us or order through the website.
  •  The phone in the shop is only answered for calls from Vermont 802 area code.  If you leave a message, and are from out of state, it will be deleted.  I simply do not have time to handle these phone calls.