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Dolmar / throttle

We have lots of used vintage and new current model saw parts in stock. We have also bought out several Dolmar dealers in the last years and have some NOS dolmar parts on hand.

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Dolmar 5105 chainsaw Bowden Throttle Cable set 010 117 050 NEW (box 7)

 Throttle cable modification set.  Dolmar part number 010 117 050, 010117050  New  Fits Dolmar PS 5105, PS5105, PS5100, PS 5100s, 5100s and others

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Dolmar PS-32 Chainsaw Throttle Linkage 165 117 110 NEW (D-36)

 Throttle linkage rod with plastic push rod end. 165117110, 125 117 120, 125117120  NEW  Fits Dolmar PS32 PS35 PS 32 35

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Dolmar PS-6100 Chainsaw Throttle Cable 130 117 040 NEW (PS6100)

 Throttle control cable 130117040  NEW  Fits Dolmar PS6100