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Grey Market Chinese 37cc - 42cc Chainsaw Chainbrake clutch cover assembly 75414 2-93k NEW

$32.85 USD
Complete chainbrake assembly with clutch cover, hand guard brake handle, brake band, lateral chain tensioner, and brake mechanism - NEW - Fits many Off-Brand Chainsaws made in China 37cc, 38cc, 41cc, 42cc, CS3700, CS3800, CS4100, CS4200, CS 3700 3800 4100 4200 Falcon Pro, Forester, Kraftech, King Saw, Silverline, Blue Max, Yard Dog, Gio, Raiden, Talon, Powerhorse and others

The 'part number' for these chainsaws is only the illustrated parts diagram key and reference number.  For example item 17 in illustration 1 would be part number 1-17.  Refer to this parts diagram: 41cc China Chainsaw The 'part number' for all the Chinese chainsaw parts we stock is listed in the title next to our in house part number.