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Carburetor Kits / Walbro WA

Chainsawr can get carburetor kits for your chainsaw. Tillotson, Walbro, and Zama. If you don’t see a kit for your carburetor here, just ask us and we can find it.

Note about Ethanol. Use of gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol will void the warranty of your carburetor kit. For that matter it will void the factory warranties on your carburetor, and chainsaw itself. Generally speaking you want to use premium 90+ octane gasoline with little to no ethanol in it. Always remember to put 2-stroke oil in your gasoline before you fuel up.

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Walbro WA & WT Carburetor Kit

Gasket and diaphram kit for Walbro WA and WT series carburetors. D10-WAT Replaces: STIHL 0000 007 1073, STIHL 4133 007 1060, STIHL 8888 000 0090, WALBRO D1-WAT, WALBRO D4-WAT, WALBRO D2-WAT The following models of chainsaw used WA and WT series carburetors, but check to make sure pefore you pl...